Biotraxx Hawaii Spirulina micro algea Arthrospira platensis 200 g – 400 tabs


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Biotraxx Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

is a specially bred strain of the edible microalgae Spirulina platensis. It is cultured in shallow, open ponds (approximately 20 cm deep) adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. A combination of fresh water and supplemental deep ocean water is used to fill the ponds. The other major components required for growing Spirulina Pacifica are food-grade baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and carbon dioxide. Food grade natural fertilizers are used and the deep sea water is added as a rich source of minerals and trace elements. Paddle wheels agitate the water, ensuring even exposure of the algae to the sun for optimal growth and nutritional value.

Spirulina is a whole food, suitable for vegans. It is not a medicine or vitamin supplement. It is intended for overall food nutrition and is not recommended for the treatment of any illness or disease. If you have an illness please consult your doctor or other health professional.

Cheap brands of Spirulina or wild harvested Spirulina can absorb pollutants and heavy metals from the water it grows in, therefore it important that you purchase Spirulina such as ours, that is grown in completely free, pollutant free water and is certified as safe to eat.

Spirulina Nutrient Analysis

Typical Analysis per 3 grams of Spirulina (1 teaspoon) or 6 x 500mg tablets

Protein- 53-62%
Carbohydrates- 17-25% (complex carbohydrates)
Essential Oils: 4-6%
Minerals- 8-13%
Moisture- 3-6%


Calcium 14mg
Magnesium 23mg
Iron 1.6mg
Phosphorus 30mg
Potassium 56mg
Sodium 42 mg
Maganese 96mcg
Zinc 81 mcg
Boron 90mcg
Copper 21mcg
Molybdenum 12mcg
Selenium 1.0mcg


Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 11,250iu
Vitamin B1 Thiamine 75mcg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin 110mcg
Vitamin B3 Niacin 450mcg
Vitamin B6 15mcg
Human Active B12 (Cobalamin) 2.0mcg
Vitamin E (d-a tocopherol) 45mcg
Folic Acid 4.5mcg
Pantothenic Acid 4.5mcg
Inositol 1.7mcg
Biotin 0.8 mcg

Other Phytonutrients

Beta carotene 9mg
Chlorophyll 24mg
Carotenoids 13mg
Phycocyanin 360mg
Superoxide Dismutase 2250units
Also a rich source of enzymes, RNA, DNA, sulfolipids and glycogen.

Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 6 oils:
Gamma Linolenic (GLA) 30mg
Essential Linoleic 30mg
Dihomogamma Linolenic 1.59mg

Omega 3 Oils

Alpha Linolenic 0.0435mg
Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 0.0435mg
Monoenoic Family
Palmitoleic 5.94mg
Oleic 0.51mg
Erucic 0.072mg

Other Beneficial Fatty Acids

Palmitic Acid 61mg
Myristic Acid 0.4mg
Stearic Acid 2.5mg
Arachidonic 0.2mg
Behemic Acid 0.144mg
Lignoceric Acid 0.072mg


Spirulina contains all essential Amino Acids and many non essential, the protein is in a highly digestible form, it is up to 60% Protein.

Amino Acid Analysis

Essential Amino Acid Isoleucine 32.6mg
Leucine 48.9mg
Lysine 26.2mg
Methionine 13.3mg
Phenylalanine 26.1mg
Threonine 26.1mg
Tryptophan 8.5 mg
Valine 37.4 mg

Non Essential Amino Acids

Alanine 46.6 mg
Arginine 47.6 mg
Aspartic Acid 72.8 mg
Cystine 5.6 mg
Glutamic Acid 84.4 mg
Glycine 31.9 mg
Histidine 15.0 mg
Proline 24.7mg
Serine 26.5 mg
Tyrosine 23.8 mg
Total 600.00 mg

Carbohydrates consist of Polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates) primarily Rhamnose and Glycogen which do not affect blood sugar levels adversely.